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Andreas Beerli was born on March 9, 1981 in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), the son of Thomas Beerli (Swiss) and Pilar Beerli-Farfan (Peruvian).

In Neuhausen am Rheinfall , he attended eight of nine school years. The 2nd Middle School, he attended in Singapore at the Swiss School.

After his return from Singapore, he attended the 10th year in La Salle Institute in Neuchâtel (Western Switzerland) and closed it off with a successful diploma.

After completing school, he decided in 1998 for an apprenticeship in the hospitality industry, to be followed specific training in this area. Even today - 16 years later - is Andreas Beerli in the hospitality industry working as Restaurant Manager of a famous Hotel . The joy and fascination to it, to welcome a variety of guests from all over the world to himself, while his numerous foreign languages ​​(including English, Spanish and French) to use, have never lost its charm for him.

As a big fan of trance Andreas Beerli visited the late 90's and beginning of the new millennium many small but also large raves in Switzerland. When he was asked at one of these events by a party photographer, whether he would like to shoot for a known party website on the output he has grabbed the opportunity immediately and completed his first deployment in 2002. In the now over 10 years in which he has been working as a party photographer Andreas Beerli has already more than 500 different international events in Switzerland, Germany, Peru, Miami, Los Angeles, India and Mexico for various promoters and artists to his skills demonstrated.

Among the events previously mentioned, among other things to mention the following highlights:


Creamfields Peru

David Guetta in Peru

EDX in Switzerland

Get Physical Label Party in Miami

Welcome to Miami in Miami

Above &Beyond in Mexico

Sector Beatz Lovemobile at Streetparade Switzerland

After more than 10 years of volunteer work for the party side, Andreas Beerli decided his skills and further advance his motivation for photography and to take the path to independence in addition to his main job in the hospitality industry. He has made himself known and established in the party scene through his long-standing business relationships with various Swiss organizers and artists. Thanks to agreements with LOOP - PERU and hieronica.com managment he was already several times flown to Peru and Miami. These exposures are still an integral part of its existing contracts. He recorded his biggest success to date in November 2013 when he was posted as the official photographer at the Creamfields Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Under the name of his newly created company, he will continue to be the future in general party area and of course act as a party photographer. Further information on the company can be found at the following link: 

Andy SwissDjFotograf Beerli